Kelly Twichel

8 Nov 2018 | Under Employment Success | Posted by | 0 Comments

What brought you to NZST?

During high school I was a bit unsure of which career path I wanted to follow, so I decided to complete a student exchange program in Argentina for my final year. While I was there I realised I had a passion for travel so decided to research different colleges that involved travel and tourism and found NZST (Sir George Seymour at the time) and applied!

What did you enjoy most about NZST?

The thing I enjoyed most was the fact that they make study fun and enjoyable! They plan specific activities for throughout the year to maintain a balance between study and fun.

How did you find the tutors at NZST?

The tutors were amazing and help prepare you for the tourism industry. They were always willing to help with any questions whilst studying to ensure you met the criteria to pass. They would always share their own personal experiences within the tourism industry to give you a better insight to the industry.

Did NZST prepare you for the roles you have worked in to date?

Yes, you learn about all the different types of sections available in the industry so you are prepared for any given career. They helped me to prepare for my role at Walt Disney World Orlando, and then followed up by helping me gain employment with Disney Cruise Lines.

What is your career goal? 

My current career goal is to continue working within the Walt Disney Company, especially within the Disney Cruise Line sector. I am hoping to always ensure I am enjoying the line of work I’m in and continue to succeed in any given role.

What is a life lesson you have learnt so far?

My biggest life lesson is ‘if you do a job, do it well’. No matter what job you are given, make sure to always give it 100%.

What is next for you?  in terms of career/ travel?

I am currently onboard the Disney Dream Cruise Ship completing my first contract. I plan to stay with the company and continue to learn and grow my Disney career for at least the next five years!

Would you like to add anything further?

The travel and tourism industry has so many options and different paths it can take you down and I would highly recommend it – there are so many opportunities out there!

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