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What course did you complete? When? New Zealand Diploma in Tourism and Travel Level 5, 2018

Campus:  NZST – Dunedin

Current student or Graduate? Graduate

Why did you choose a course at NZST?
I chose to study tourism because I have a passion for travelling and understanding people and culture.

How has your course at NZST helped you in your current role or career?
It has prepared me to understand what is expected in any tourism role. Being work ready, world ready!

Have you won any awards or been selected as a finalist for any competitions?  How did you feel?
Scenic Hotel Southern Cross has nominated me for the annual TIA Front Office Man of the Year. It was quite a shock the first time, and the second time I got nominated by my General Manager. With a bit more experience in management, I am hoping to be selected as a finalist – certainly wouldn’t mind flying to Auckland for a Gala dinner Awards Night!

Where are you working now?  And what is your role?
I am currently working at Scenic Hotel Southern Cross based in the Front Office department as a Duty Manager.

What does your work involve?
My role is very varied from: overseeing a hotel shift consisting of 30 or more staff at time; ensuring that outlets – Boldini Cafe, Ports O Call Bar & Grill, Carlton Restaurant and nine function rooms are running smoothly for the best customer experience; reservations are seamless, etc. No two days are the same.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job?
Guest satisfaction. And knowing that the guests have enjoyed the services they received during their stay.

What were the highlights of your course?
Meeting new people who share the same passion as me.  Some of them I work alongside now, and some I am training. It is also the same place where my I met my ‘study buddy’ who is now my partner and whom I also work with on the same department. We share a dream to travel the world and run a hotel together in the future.

What is one of the lessons you’ve learnt through your experience to date?
“You learn more from failure than from success.” I wasn’t the best student nor the best employee, but I learnt from my mistakes and share these experience with others so that they also learn something from it.


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