We want to make sure all our students are safe, happy and cared for while studying in New Zealand. We have accommodation options for our students which are organised with our parent company UP Education who have a contract with an external company.  They have used this company for a number of years. Any accommodation arrangement is between the prospective student and Up Education. Students do not need to secure accommodation prior to arriving in New Zealand.

International students can choose between:

  • Living with their parents if they live in New Zealand
  • Living with a parent’s choice of caregiver
  • Living with an Up Education homestay
  • Renting a student apartment
  • Living in independent accommodation


Homestay accommodation means living in a private household with a New Zealand family. We recommend that all international students choose to live in a homestay for at least their first three months in New Zealand.

The benefits of a homestay
  • Safety – the homestay family can help students get around and give advice on living in New Zealand
  • It’s the best way to practice English – talking to your homestay family enhances your vocabulary and helps clarity of speech – an important part of living and studying in an English-speaking country
  • Routine – you will have regular meals and a daily routine – study requires energy and focus, so it’s important that you eat a regular and balanced diet of nutritious home-cooked food

New Zealand families are familiar with students from ages 17 to 25 which covers the majority of our international students. Some families may accept older students, the choice is limited.

Homestay accommodation is only arranged for the international student who is studying with us.  We do not place partners or parents/relatives of students in a homestay.

High homestay standards

Up Educationand our contractor make sure all homestays are safe and suitable for our students. Each home is inspected and families are interviewed before students are placed. Students are also visited at least three times a year to make sure their experience remains positive.


'Flatting' is a term commonly used in New Zealand that describes a living arrangement where people share rented accommodation. Students can find flat advertisements in a local newspaper or on notice boards found across the city. Rental properties can also be rented through real estate agents. A landlord is required to enter a tenancy contract; a bond may be required which the landlord must protect by depositing with Tenancy Services.  Tenants who have looked after the house and paid rent in full should get a refund of their bond when the tenancy agreement ends. Room rental prices vary widely throughout the country, with higher prices in bigger cities. 

Useful Websites

Here are some great websites to get you started:

Other useful links to find more information on accommodation:

For information about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant:

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