Name: Alejandra Legarreta Medina

Position: Flight Attendant at Aeromexico Connect

Student Success

What attracted you to NZST for your course?

The value for me was this school had the highest educational level, and also the opportunity to study with people from different nationalities.

What course did you complete?

International Flight Attendant programme 

How has your course at NZST helped you?

This course gave me the opportunity to learn about effective teamwork, communication, situational awareness and decision making in emergency situations on board an aircraft. And also how to give the passenger the best customer service experience to make them feel comfortable during a flight. 

Where are you working now?  And what is your role?

I’m working for Aeromexico Connect as a flight attendant, and my role is to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during a flight.

What does your work involve?

Ensure the safety of the passengers on a daily routine.

What is the most exciting aspect of your job? 

That I get to know people from different cultures and nationalities, and that I have the chance to travel all around the world.

Did your course at NZST live up to your expectations? 

Yes it did.  After completing this course, I had a better idea of what it is like to work as a flight attendant - what it really involve.  Now I’m working for an airline I can see all the skills that I acquired at the NZST and I have the chance to put them into practice in my daily work which has been helping me a lot.

How did you feel when you were coming to NZST?

Mostly excited and a little bit nervous because I knew it was going to tough because of my mother language.  But I also knew that it was going to be such an amazing experience especially because I had the opportunity to get involved with people from different cultures and I would have the opportunity to study with them .

What were the highlights of your course?

Interaction with people from different nationalities than me.  It is the perfect place to gain some confidence and make new friends.  The campus is amazing - they have everything you need to get such a good and complete educational experience, like a boeing 737 aircraft cabin trainer, air evacuation slides, a life raft and more.

What is your career goal?

Being an Emirates Flight Attendant

What is one life lesson you learnt during your study and work?

When you do something that you love, the determination and dedication that you put into this will lead you to success!

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