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Studying travel and tourism opens many exciting paths, ranging from practical, hands-on frontline service jobs, through to back-office careers in business development, marketing, and sales.

Tourism is a $39B industry in New Zealand and opportunity abounds across the following 9 sectors of tourism

  • Accommodation
  • Food and Beverage
  • Transport and Transport Services (Road, Rail, Water and Air)
  • Rental Services and Hiring
  • Arts and Recreation
  • Retail Trade
  • Education and Training

Career Stories

See how studying tourism has provided so many pathways to success!


Tourism Development Coordinator

"What I love about my job is that I can exercise my creativity using the power of social media to help contribute to the positive promotion of my culture"

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Flight Attendant

"Coming from a small town, you don't see yourself doing big things. My grandfather would tell me in our language "focus in school" and I focused and I'm here now!"

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Business Development Executive

"They say it's the people that make the place and working in tourism definitely proves this!"

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Employee at Walt Disney World

"Coming from South Auckland, it's not every day you'll hear of someone going to the states and work.."

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Sky Tower Groups Administrator

"You can start with no experience. You just have to have the right attitude and be open minded and driven to do the best you can for yourself and others."

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Ecozip Expert

"I probably have the most entertaining job on the planet, but it’s also very fulfilling."

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Jump Master

"I love the physical side of my job and helping people accomplish something they didn't think they could do"

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Business Development Manager at Accor Hotels

"NZST set me up with the right networks...they set me up with links to hotels and travel agencies, tour guides... everything you need"

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Cruise Line Employee

"It's been a pretty amazing journey to get to where I am today travelling around the world on cruise lines and it's a big thank you to NZST"

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Hamilton Island Intern

"I loved the idea of being able to expand my existing hospitality knowledge and get into more premium and fine dining options"

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Flight Attendant

"You become a fire fighter, you become a counselor, a chef and a janitor. You're everything in one small aircraft"

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