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    Level 4-6


    Start Date

    26 JUL 2021
    26 JUL 2021
    30 JUL 2018
    26 JUL 2021
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    End Dates

    18 AUG 2023
    18 AUG 2023
    30 NOV 2018
    18 AUG 2023




    1 or 2 years

    Course Cost

    NZD $22,889 Fees Free*


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*Fees Free policy applies. Click here for details.
 Year One - Flight Attending Level 4, Hotel & Hospitality Management Level 5
 Year Two - Hotel & Hospitality Management Level 6


This comprehensive programme aims to set you up with the skills required for an exciting airline career, or put you on the path to a management or supervisory position in the airline, hotel and hospitality industries and beyond. 

With a variety of modules focused on highly transferable skills that employers value, such as Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Accounting, Customer Service Strategies, and Workplace Practices, you will graduate from your studies armed with an impressive CV and ready to kickstart your career. 

Year 1 includes our Tourism, Airline and Flight Attending Level 4 course, which will not only enhance your tourism industry knowledge, but also focuses on the valuable skills it takes to be a flight attendant, including customer service, risk management, organisation and cultural intelligence.  

In the second half of the year you’ll progress on the Level 5 Diploma which will see you taking off on a Hotel and Hospitality Study Tour in NZ and an optional Study Tour to the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef. 

In year 2 you’ll continue mastering the Hotel & Hospitality Industry with a Level 6 Diploma covering Strategic Leadership and Designing a Hospitality Business, as well as accessing New Zealand and international internships or learning more about the hospitality workplace. 

You’ll also have access to an optional Paid Internship for 30 Credits, or you can choose to be involved with Tourism Futures which looks at Sustainable Maori Tourism, Change Management and Analysing a Tourism Business. 


Year 1


Tourism, Airline & Flight Attending Level 4

New Zealand Tourism Destinations

New Zealand has so much to offer and this module covers the unique areas of tourism such as outdoor activities, walking and skiing through to cycling tours and Maori tourism.

Tourism Expo

In teams you will be putting together a tourism expo that will showcase a region of New Zealand. You will have a week to plan and set this up and present to people who will visit the expo.

Crew Resource Management

Learn about effective teamwork, communication, situational awareness and decision making in emergency situations on board an aircraft.

Passenger Handling

This includes how to care for children and passengers with disabilities, from boarding through to communicating effectively with them on safety information.

Food and Beverage Service

This module will see you learning and demonstrating the skills of how to provide a food and beverage service onboard an aircraft.

Airline and Airport Operations and Security

Focusing on successful airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and start up airlines such as Kiwi Air, you will learn about how airlines manage risk. Airlines and airport are all very focused on security and this module covers how airlines and airports deal with the threat of terrorism and air rage.

Aircraft safety and emergency equipment

Airlines need to carry a range of safety and emergency equipment which all crew must learn how to operate. This module gives you an in-depth understanding as to the importance of this equipment.

Managing conflict onboard an aircraft

Recognise the early signs of potential threats to the safety of the passengers, aircraft and crew and be able to use procedures and strategies to deal with any conflict.

Air Accidents

Research and present on how air accidents have helped improved the way airline of today now operate. This interesting module will make you very aware of the role you play as a flight attendant in the prevention of accidents.


4 additional weeks

This additional four weeks are for those students who have shown outstanding skills in this course and want to gain a specialist qualification in flight attending. It includes a 3 day practical in our Auckland Airport campus where our 747 service trainer and 737 cabin trainer are situated.

NOTE: Please see the entry criteria section below for important information

Wet Water Drills

Learn and understand about the equipment carried onboard an aircraft in case of a water landing. Part of this module takes place in a swimming pool and also involves a life raft and the equipment in the raft used for survival.

Handling Emergencies and Fire Fighting

This practical module prepares you for the type of emergency you may face onboard an aircraft, including fire onboard.

First Aid and Aviation Medicine

This course will see you gain a first aid certificate and have knowledge and skills you can use should a medical emergency happen on board an aircraft.

Responsible Serving of Alcohol

This online course is essential if you are wanting to fly with Virgin Australia or Jetstar, who both as require this certificate should you wish to fly for them.

Auckland Sim Experience

This 3 day trip is included in the cost of your course and gives you the hands on experience of opening and closing a real aircraft door and overwing exit. You will evacuate down a slide, use a PA system, and complete a simulated fire exercise.

Wings Exam

This exam allows you the opportunity to earn your wings by completing an exam on essential skills and knowledge of a flight attendant.

Hotel & Hospitality Management Diploma Level 5

  • The Business of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Reception and Housekeeping Services within the Hotel Industry
  • Conference & Events within a Hotel or Hospitality Environment
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Accor Hotel Exclusive Module
  • Human Resources
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • The New Zealand Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Workplace Practices

This includes:

  • Creating the Guest Experience
  • Business Planning
  • Produce a Business Plan for a Food &
  • Beverage Operation
  • Unit Standards 4646 and 16705 required for a Bar Managers licence

Year 2


Hotel & Hospitality Management Diploma Level 6

  • The Future and Trends of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Leadership Principles
  • Communication and Marketing in Hospitality
  • Business Performance
  • Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management
  • Design a Hospitality Business
Optional Paid Internship for 30 Credits

We organise this with companies such as:

  • Hotels in New Zealand
  • Hamilton Island – Australia
  • Broadmoor Resort – USA
  • Walt Disney Resort – USA
  • Panorama Mountain Resort – Canada
  • Four Seasons Resort Whistler – Canada


Workplace Practices

This includes:

  • Hotel Management Simulation
  • Change Management
  • Sales and Distribution in Hospitality Creating the Guest Experience


Hotel and Hospitality Study Tour in NZ

Get ready to go on tour. Experience and compare what New Zealand has to offer in guest experiences in a range of accommodation properties from backpackers through to four star hotels. See behind the scenes and hear from Hotel Management on the challenges they face in today’s market and how they manage the day to day operations. This four day tour will have you seeing and staying at a range of accommodation properties in a major tourist destination.

Hotel and Hospitality Study Tour to the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef - optional

On this four day study tour you will fly to the Whitsundays, staying at Airlie Beach where you will compare the different styles of accommodation and all the activities available. Then take a day trip to Hamilton Island to meet management and view the different roles and employment opportunities available. Interviews will be given to those interested in working on Hamilton Island. (Additional costs for International Study Tour).

Exclusive Certificates

This course can give you six specialist certificates that can really add to your CV, showing future employers your specialist product knowledge.

Earn Your Wings

In addition for those students completing the flight attendant practicals you will also have the opportunity of gaining your IFA wings and being awarded your IFA Wings badge, something you would have worked hard to achieve and can wear with pride.

First Class Facilities

For those completing the Flight Attendant practicals, you will get three days to train in facilities that Virgin Australia and Qantas Jetconnect use for their flight attendant training. Complete an evacuation going down the 737 slide, experience pre boarding, preflight take off and landing procedures all onboard the 737 cabin trainer.

Connected Plus

We want you to stay connected - Free wifi with no limits, and Free Office 365. You will be able to connect to Microsoft Office at any time, in any place, on any device. Update your CV or access your emails while enjoying a hot chocolate in a café. However you use it, we want you to stay connected.

Inspiring Tutors

Enjoy being inspired by our tutors who have stories from all over the world. Their knowledge and experience will give you the skills you need, and get you excited about all the career options available. Their experience ranges from being overland tour-guides in Africa, flight attendants in Dubai, hotel consultants in Asia, event planners in Hawaii, travel agents in the UK, to cruise ship directors in the Bahamas. All of our tutors are trained to give you the ultimate learning experience.

Watch Etevihe's full and inspiring journey to become a flight attendant.

Mentoring & Coaching

You will have your own personal mentor and coach throughout the course that meets with you every six weeks for a one-on-one meeting to discuss your goals, talk employment and ensure you are work ready.

Fun Events

Campus life includes many different exciting themed events. One day you may be traversing the city in an ‘Amazing Race’, or competing in a campus ‘Glee’ competition, or theming the campus for a fundraising event such as SPCA. Your time with us creates long lasting friendships and the opportunity to experience teamwork, and develop leadership skills.

Small Classes

You won't be a number or get lost in a crowd at The New Zealand School of Tourism. Small classes of around 22 means tutors will know your name and want to ensure your success every step of the way. We have had students who have started on a Level 2 course and gone right through to completing a Level 5 diploma, because of the support and encouragement of the tutoring team. Academic success is a focus for us.

Industry Learning

You will enjoy learning what the industry wants you to know. The airline, travel, tourism, and hotel industries are all involved in our programmes which are interactive and up to date. Experience the fun of being part of the worlds most exciting industry.


Our industry links means we do get airlines coming to us without advertising and graduates from this qualification can also apply direct to airlines both in New Zealand and Australia. Graduates have gained employment with airlines such as Air New Zealand, Air Nelson, Jetstar, Qantas Jetconnect, Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways, Brindabella and Emirates. Airlines also have their own criteria when recruiting flight attendants. Most airlines have a minimum age of 18 years but may prefer to recruit people who have had a few years of fulltime employment or customer service experience. More information can be found direct with airlines or contact your nearest campus.

Job Fairs

Our exclusive job fairs will allow you to be interviewed by industry employers from a range of companies. As a Diploma student you get a golden ticket to the job fair, which gives you first choice of the employers you really want to meet.

Internship opportunities

You will be presented with both domestic and international paid internship opportunities in the industry. Internships are for 12 weeks minimum (nearly all are permanent positions) and replace the last 8 weeks of your Diploma. They are a great way to start your career. Please note that internship and other work experience opportunities are subject to meeting attendance requirements and successful academic completion. In addition, acceptance into any of our courses does not guarantee acceptance into any internship opportunities including Walt Disney World. Interview criteria by each employer applies.


  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 4
  • New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 5
  • New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 6


  • New Zealand School of Tourism Certificate - Tourism, Airline and Flight Attending
  • Hobbiton Movie Set Tours Specialist Certificate
  • New Zealand School of Tourism – Hotel and Hospitality Management Level 5
  • EventsAIR Rising Star Programme
  • Accor Product Knowledge

For those completing the Flight Attending Practicals:

  • New Zealand Certificate in Aviation (Flight Attending) Level 4
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Responsible Serving of Alcohol


Year 1

At the start of the course applicants must:

  • have either NCEA Level 3, or University Entrance, or completed a Level 3 Certificate in Tourism or Travel or have equivalent knowledge and skills.

International Students

  • All international students must be a minimum of 18 years of age on day 1 of your course (as per code of practice requirements)
  • 4 years of secondary school or equivalent work experience
  • English Language Proficiency as outlined in the International pages on this website

If you do not meet the above criteria please contact the campus directly to discuss.

Year 2

At start of Year 2 applicants must:

  • have fully completed Year 1 and have a qualification in travel or tourism Level 5
  • have achieved a high level of attendance in Year 1

Note: an entry assessment may be required at end of Year 1. This is to determine your ability to read and understand textbooks and ability to write an essay.

International Students

All international students must:

  • be a minimum of 18 years of age at the start of all courses.
  • completed Secondary School offshore or New Zealand Year 12 or equivalent work experience
  • have English language proficiency as outlined in the International page on this website
4 week Flight Attending Practical's

Due to the limited number of spaces funded by the government, entry into this block course is by endorsement of the Campus Manager only. The Campus Manager will select which of the students that have applied will be confirmed in the programme around the week 10 mark of the Tourism, Airline & Flight Attending programme. Decisions will be made by looking at the criteria outlined in the student handbook for ‘all programmes’ as well as the student’s individual performance in the ‘Assessment Centre’ module of the Tourism, Airline and Flight Attending programme. Further criteria are as follows:
• Must have successfully completed the Tourism, Airline and Flight Attending Programme Level 4
• Must be able to gain a passport without restrictions
• Must be 18 four weeks after upon completion of the qualification
• Must be able to meet the security requirements for gaining an AVSEC card – this requires a police check and you may be ineligible if you have a criminal record.
Due to limited funding, preference may be given to those who are enrolled on the two year Aviation and Tourism management Programme.


Once you have graduated from this qualification you are ready to start your career! Talk to us about opportunities through internships and our Job Fairs.


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