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  • Diploma in Hotel and
    Hospitality Management

    Level 6


    Start Date

    29 MAR 2021
    26 APRIL 2021
    30 JUL 2018
    29 MAR 2021
    29 MAR 2021
    26 APRIL 2021

    End Dates

    03 DEC 2021
    28 JAN 2022
    30 NOV 2018
    03 DEC 2021
    03 DEC 2021
    17 DEC 2021




    32 Weeks

    Course Cost

    NZD $9,552

    NZD $19,890 + $1250 Course Fee

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This diploma will prepare you for an exciting selection of employment options in a hotel or hospitality industry. Covering everything from marketing and financial management through to customer service and room division management - this diploma will equip you with valuable work ready skills that are highly sought after by employers.


  • The Hotel and Hospitality Industry
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Creating the Customer Experience
  • Financial Management
  • Rooms Division Management

  • Design a Hospitality Business
  • New Zealand / International Internship
  • OR You can do the following two modules instead of an internship:

  • Introduction to Research
  • The Hospitality Workplace


Domestic Students

All applicants must:

  • have a qualification in travel or tourism Level 5
  • have achieved a high level of attendance in previous courses undertaken

Note: an entry assessment may be required. This is to determine your ability to read and understand
textbooks and ability to write an essay.

International Students

All international students must:

  • be a minimum of 18 years of age at the start of all courses.
  • completed Secondary School offshore or New Zealand Year 12 or equivalent work experience
  • have English language proficiency as outlined in the International page on this website


The Hotel & Hospitality Industry 10 credits

The hotel and hospitality industry operates across the globe in an exciting variety of options catering for every budget and taste. From the luxurious Ritz Carlton, ice hotels and cruising the seven seas in a giant floating hotel, through to Vietnam street food and the delicious spices of India – this industry offers countless different experiences. This module looks at the trends that have developed in the industry, the changes that are shaping the industry, and how hotels and hospitality businesses have responded to this change.

Communication and Marketing - 20 credits

Explore the world of digital marketing, social media and google analytics as you look at how hotels and hospitality businesses market their products, in New Zealand and internationally. How do businesses form a strategy and what do they need to consider? In this module you will draft a marketing campaign and then use multimedia to present it to the other students. You will also be introduced to virtual reality (VR), which is further explored at degree level. So, get ready to put on VR goggles and travel the world as you learn how VR can be used to promote products and places.

Strategic Leadership - 10 credits

This amazing module will show you how inspirational leaders guide a business through change. You will learn how innovation and creativity are linked to change and examine the different management styles needed to manage change. Discover how effective leaders communicate change, cast the vision, create a sense of urgency, and manage conflict caused by change. You will also go on a journey of self-discovery by learning about your own leadership style and response to change.

Creating the Customer Experience - 10 credits

Discover the important visitor touchpoints in a hotel or hospitality business that help generate a great customer experience. This module will see you analysing and critiquing visitor experiences in the industry. You will then use that information to develop a strategic plan to enable a hotel or hospitality business maintain or improve their customer service. You will review case studies and look at business processes such as sales and marketing that help support the customer service experience. The information you will learn in this module will help prepare you for the Design a Hospitality Business module.

Financial Management - 10 credits

Interesting case studies will introduce you to the technology currently being used to produce financial results and the tools used to measure profitability, productivity and yield. You will also learn about cost controls and the identification and evaluation of sources for finance and development. The information you will learn in this module will be really helpful if you are interested in starting your own business. It will also prepare you for the Design a Hospitality Business module.

Rooms Division Management - 10 credits

There is a lot to think about when managing rooms in an accommodation business. This module will introduce you to the important topics of room rate structures, occupancy levels, group rates and tour groups, loyalty programmes, sales forecasting and operations planning. A guest from the industry who has been in charge of room divisions will share valuable insights into this important area for hotels. You will also get to participate in the revenue management game team challenge where you will have fun learning what crucial decisions need to be made in order to sustain a profitable accommodation business.

Design a Hospitality Business - 20 credits

This module will bring together the learning from previous modules to draft a plan for a small hospitality venture. You will work in a team to develop the plan and then pitch it to the rest of the students to gain feedback. This is a great opportunity to learn how to practically apply the theory you have learnt, and demonstrate your creativity and innovation.

New Zealand / International Internship - 30 credits

Students with high attendance who have passed all their diploma modules may be offered a paid internship with a New Zealand or international hotel or hospitality company. Internships begin at week 26 and last for a minimum of 300 hours. They are a great opportunity to gain valuable industry experience and can lead to permanent positions or be a stepping stone to further study.

OR You can do the following two modules instead of an internship:

Introduction to Research - 10 credits

This is an ideal module for those interested in learning how to undertake research. It looks at search techniques, the development of research questions, and how research relates to the hotel and hospitality industry. A discovery of methods will take you on a journey of data analysis, evaluating sources, and considering ethical concepts and issues. This module may involve you working in a team to submit a research report as part of the assessment.

The Hospitality Workplace - 20 credits

Even though this industry is so diverse, every successful hospitality business has a desire to deliver great customer service. In this module you will analyse customer service in the hospitality industry, and then use what you have learnt to develop a customer service training programme.


New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 6


New Zealand School of Tourism - Diploma in Hotel & Hospitality Management Level 6


From here complete our Degree in just one year or start your career. As a gradate you will haveaccess to our extensive employment network and automatic entry to our exclusive job fairs.

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