Trust Account

When you receive a letter of offer you will also receive an invoice for fees. Once paid, a receipt can be issued that you can use for your student visa application. Please note that all money received from you will be deposited into a trust account until course commencement. This is as per the legislative requirement Section 236A of the Education Act 1989. The money is withdrawn in stages as the course is completed.

In the event of cancellation as a result of not meeting Visa requirements we will refund to you all course fees paid. This does not apply to visa application fees or home stay application fees. However, if you secure a visa but then lose the visa or have it withdrawn after your arrival in New Zealand then no fees can be refunded to you.



In the event of New Zealand School of Tourism Ltd going into liquidation or ceasing to be a provider or a signatory to the Code of Practice, Public Trust will be holding the unused portion of the course for which the student has paid. If students wish they could complete any remaining subjects that the company have developed, by distance learning. This may allow students to complete the course from home. New Zealand School of Tourism Ltd will actively try and place students with other providers and negotiate a reduced cost for the balance of any training.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy Procedures for International Students.

Once confirmed on your course if you wish to withdraw you must put this in writing and either post it in or hand it in to the office. The cancellation fees are as follows:

  • After enrolment but before the official start date:
    - 8% of full tuition fees deducted for a course 36 weeks or longer
    - 20% of full tuition fees deducted for a course less than 36 weeks
  • After course start date, but up to or including the 10th working day:
    - 10% of full tuition fees deducted for a course 36 weeks or longer
    - 25% of full tuition fees deducted for a course less than 36 weeks
  • After the 10th day of course:
    - No refund applicable, full fees retained by New Zealand School of Tourism

Please note that there may also be Insurance and Uniform costs if these companies have already been paid time of withdrawal. If you voluntarily leave or are withdrawn from a course after the cancellation period you will be liable for any outstanding fees. Immigration New Zealand will be notified if study is terminated and may impact on academic record and future enrolment. If directed New Zealand School of Tourism can transfer the refund to another signatory

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