Hainan Airlines have chosen to work exclusively with New Zealand School of Tourism to offer an experience of a lifetime!

This is your chance to be a flight attendant based in Beijing, flying with Hainan Airlines as part of their multi-national crew. Hainan Airlines will fly you to Beijing (at their cost) for 12 weeks of initial training and then you will graduate and become a flight attendant working at 30,000 feet on some of the most modern aircraft in the world. When you are not flying you will have the opportunity to explore Asia.

Hainan Airlines will organize a studio apartment for you alongside other Hainan crew. You will receive a salary plus subsidies and bonuses. Once you are flying you will be staying in international hotels all over the world with a generous meal allowance. There are promotion and career opportunities, discounts on flights, three domestic return tickets and one return international ticket per year to your permanent home country. Global health insurance is included, opportunities to transfer to other cities worldwide on Hainan's route network.

This is truly a great international experience where you will get to meet and form friendships with people from all over the world while kick-starting your global career.

3 flight attendants - Hainan Airlines


They are one of the largest airlines in Asia, have been named a SKYTRAX World, 5-star airline for 6 consecutive years and in January 2017 were ranked by JACDEC as having the 3rd best safety record in the world! With more than 700 domestic and international routes and over 200 aircraft they fly to almost 100 cities worldwide.

They were founded in 1993 and are one of the fastest developing airlines in China and are committed to providing passengers with a seamless and high-quality service.


Hainan Airlines Route Map


To be eligible for an interview you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 20 - 35 years of age (or turning 20 in 2017) and it is preferable if you have experience in customer service, or in the health sector, hospitality, travel or tourism industry or worked with children.
  • Be either a:
    • New Zealand School of Tourism student who is currently studying or who has graduated from the Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management or one of our Flight Attending programmes or
    • Completed a Diploma level or higher qualification at another tertiary provider with a minimum of 2 years study or
    • Already have experience as a flight attendant
  • Can reach to at least 212cm on tiptoes in order to reach emergency equipment
  • Are in good health, able bodied and can swim unaided. A medical test will be required post interview including blood test, chest x-ray, vision testing
  • No visible tattoo's, scars or body art
  • Open to all nationalities - must be fluent in English
  • Speaking Chinese is a bonus, but NOT a requirement
  • Willing to live in China for 1 or more years
  • For non New Zealand School of Tourism students who have no flight attending experience you will need to pass the Introduction to Hainan Airlines and Flight Attending online course ($495 incl. GST course cost applies) which introduces you to Hainan Airlines, aviation terminology, the role of the flight attendant, aviation medicine, safety and emergency equipment, dangerous goods and crew resource management. You will be refunded $250 incl. GST should you not receive a job offer following the interview.

The following paperwork is required:

Prior to your interview:

  • Valid passport
  • Evidence of your tertiary studies
  • Proof of employment (if not a student). Latest pay slip or employment contract required
  • CV (in English)

Prior to initial training in China:

  • Pass a medical check (approx. $200)
  • Police certificate as evidence of no criminal conviction (approx. $25)



Hainan Airlines will be in New Zealand to interview in October 2017 at the New Zealand School of Tourism Auckland Airport campus at 3 Leonard Isitt drive, Auckland Airport.

Apply now by filling out your information below. You will receive an instant email notification advising your application has been received. Your application will be checked to ensure you meet all eligibility criteria.

An overview of the application process is outlined below:

  • Complete the online application below.
  • You will receive an instant email notification advising your application has been received.
  • Your application will be checked to ensure you meet all eligibility criteria.
  • If you meet all criteria you will be given your interview date and time.
  • If you need to complete the Introduction to Hainan Airlines and Flight Attending online course you will be emailed an enrolment form and payment instructions.
  • You will be sent the instructions on how to begin your online course.
  • Upon passing this course (80% pass mark required) you will be given your interview date and time. You will also be invited to an optional preparation session before your interview.


Boeing 787


This online programme developed by New Zealand School of Tourism will ensure you understand the role of an international flight attendant, and introduce you to Hainan Airlines and the aviation industry.

The programme is NZD$495.00 and covers:

  • An introduction to Hainan Airlines
  • Aviation Terminology
  • Aircraft Components
  • The role of a flight attendant
  • Crew Positions and responsibilities onboard
  • First Impressions
  • Aviation Medicine
  • Atmosphere, Ascent & Descent
  • Hypoxia, Hyperventilation, Dehydration, Decompression Sickness, Air and Motion Sickness, Sore Ears, Asthma,
    Aircraft Safety and Emergency Equipment
  • The role of Oxygen systems
  • Life jackets
  • First aid kits
  • Seat-belts
  • Fire extinguishes
  • Life Rafts and Slide Rafts
  • Survival kits
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Human Factors
  • Effective teamwork on board an aircraft
  • Effective decision making on an aircraft
  • Aviation communication terms
  • Overcoming barriers to communication
  • Threat and error management
  • Classification of threats and errors
  • Managing threats and errors
  • Fatigue - Tiredness versus fatigue
  • Fatigue countermeasures
  • Situational awareness
  • Hindrances/red flags to situational awareness
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Definition of dangerous goods i.e. substances that are highly combustible, toxic, explosive or corrosive
  • Goods that are acceptable, forbidden and exempted
  • Hidden dangerous goods in passenger’s bags
  • Hazardous substance spillages


Flight Attendant x 3

Throughout the module you will watch video clips and complete activities to gain a better understanding of the theory you will learn. You will have the opportunity to complete recap quizzes to test your knowledge prior to completing the final exam in preparation for your interview. An 80% pass mark is required to proceed to the next stage.

The cost of this course is $495 incl. GST and you will need to pass the course in order to get invited for an interview at the New Zealand School of Tourism Auckland Airport campus. Everyone who passes the course will be offered an interview time. Note: any travelling or associated costs incurred to attend the recruitment or flight attendant preparation session is at your own expense.

If you attend the interview day which will be in October 2017 and are not offered a role within three months of the interview then a $250 incl. GST refund of the course will apply.



Please complete the below form for the first stage of your application process. You will be contacted within 2 working days.

Hainan Airlines Business Class

Business Class


Beijing City

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