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Our Courses

  • Diploma in Tourism
    and Travel
    1 Year

    Level 6


    Start Date

    30 JUL 2018

    End Dates

    30 NOV 2018




    32 Weeks

    Tuition Fee

    NZD $19,500

    Course Fee

    NZD $1,250

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This diploma will prepare you for an exciting career in tourism and travel management. Covering everything from marketing and environmental sustainability through to Maori culture and how to structure a successful tourism venture - this diploma will equip you with valuable work ready skills that are highly sought after by employers.


  • The Tourism and Travel Industry
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Maori Tourism
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Strategic Leadership

  • Business Strategic Systems
  • Design a Tourism Business
  • New Zealand / International Internship
    OR You can do the following two modules instead of an internship
  • Introduction to Research
  • Applied Business Strategic Systems


All international students must:

  • be a minimum of 18 years of age at the start of all courses.
  • completed Secondary School offshore or New Zealand Year 12 or equivalent work experience
  • have English language proficiency as outlined in the International pages on this website


The Tourism and Travel Industry - 10 credits

The tourism and travel industry is one of the exciting industries in the world. It is also one of the most dynamic, with tourists constantly seeking new and memorable experiences like staying overnight in an aquarium, hiking to the basecamp of Mount Everest or sailing through the Greek islands. How people book and experience travel has evolved to include virtual reality, online travel agents, low cost airlines, and electronic tickets and visas. What hasn’t changed, and continues to grow in importance, is the economic value tourism provides to a region or country. This module looks at the trends that have developed in the industry and how they have shaped its direction. Interesting case studies will highlight how tourism and travel companies have responded to this change.

Communication and Marketing - 20 credits

Explore the world of digital marketing, social media and google analytics as you look at how tourism and travel businesses market their products, in New Zealand and internationally. How do businesses form a strategy and what do they need to consider? In this module you will draft a campaign for a tourism business and then use multimedia to present it to the other students. You will also be introduced to virtual reality (VR), which is further explored at degree level. So, get ready to put on VR goggles and travel the world as you learn how VR can be used to promote products and places.

Maori Tourism - 10 credits

People travel to New Zealand from all across the globe to experience our unique Maori culture. This module celebrates the companies that have truly embedded Maori culture and the Manaakitanga and Tikanga practices in their business. You will visit iwi owned tourism businesses, and experience how Maori tourism is currently being showcased to the world. You will also explore the barriers and opportunities for Maori tourism and its future potential.

Environmental Sustainability - 10 credits

Environmental sustainability is critical to the travel and tourism industry. Tourists are increasingly demanding that their tourism activities have minimal impact on the environment and eco-tourism is on the rise. From pristine beaches and coral reefs, to whale watching and hiking – tourists expect their travel destinations and activities to be pristine, clean and environmentally responsible. How do we encourage tourism companies to operate more eco-friendly? Who is responsible for protecting the environment? This module examines the influencers in environmentally sustainable tourism. You will visit local businesses to gauge their response to environmental sustainability and then put together an evaluation and proposal as part of your assessment.

Strategic Leadership - 10 credits

This amazing module will show you how inspirational leaders guide a business through change. You will learn how innovation and creativity are linked to change and examine the different management styles needed to manage change. Discover how effective leaders communicate change, cast the
vision, create a sense of urgency, and manage conflict caused by change. You will also go on a journey of self-discovery by learning about your own leadership style and response to change.

Business Strategic Systems - 10 credits

This module is set in the context of a travel agency and will have you analysing the different travel agencies and the strategies they use to develop the business. Discover the role of wholesale travel companies, GSA’s (General Sales Agent) and OTA’s (Online Travel Agents) as you compare the different ways travel products are sold. Create a sales plan that encompasses some of the marketing tools learnt earlier to ensure a high visitor experience and business sustainability.

Design a Tourism Business - 20 credits

In this module you will bring together the learning from previous modules to draft a plan for a small tourism venture. You will work in a team to develop the plan and then pitch it to the rest of the students to gain feedback. This is a great opportunity to learn how to practically apply the theory you have learnt, and demonstrate your creativity and innovation.

New Zealand / International Internship - 30 credits

Students with high attendance who have passed all their diploma modules may be offered a paid internship with a New Zealand or international tourism company. Internships begin at week 26 and last for a minimum of 300 hours. They are a great opportunity to gain valuable tourism experience and can lead to permanent positions or be a stepping stone to further study.

OR You can do the following two modules instead of an internship

Introduction to Research - 10 credits

This is an ideal module for those interested in learning how to undertake research. It looks at search techniques, the development of research questions, and how research relates to the tourism industry. A discovery of methods will take you on a journey of data analysis, evaluating sources, and considering ethical concepts and issues. This module may involve you working in a team to submit a research report as part of the assessment.

Applied Business Strategic Systems - 20 credits

This module covers all the essential ingredients that go into a successful travel and tourism business, including the customer service strategies that help create great visitor experiences. You will learn how to use strategic business models like SWOT and PEST that help businesses plan for the future.


New Zealand Diploma in Travel & Tourism Level 6


New Zealand School of Tourism Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management Level 6


From here complete a Degree* in just two years or start your career. As a graduate you will have access to our extensive employment network and automatic entry to our exclusive job fairs. As a gradate you will have access to our extensive employment network and automatic entry to our exclusive job fairs.

*Subject to NZQA approval

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