Name: Li Dongbao

Position: Flight Attendant/On-board Security

Employer: China Southern Airlines

Student Success

Li Dongbao studied at the New Zealand School of Tourism in Auckland. He successfully completed a Diploma in Tourism and Aviation (including International Flight Attending) and a Diploma in Tourism Management.

Dongbao was a very hard working student who put in a lot of effort to complete his course work to a very high standard. He was always prepared to assist others in his class with their course work.

A real people person, Dongbao was a very popular member of his class and also took the opportunity to get to know students from other classes and cultures around the campus. He was always keen to participate in campus events and showed great leadership when working with others.

We are delighted that Dongbao has been successful at gaining employment as Flight Attendant for China Southern Airlines in Beijing.

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