Name: Sehwan Kang

Position: Customer Service

Student Success

Sehwan has always loved to travel, since his first trip to Laos a few years ago, and prior on Christian missions when he helped build churches and support people in poor countries.  After working in an English Institute, in Mokpo, South Korea, as a teacher, Sehwan knew he loved helping people and learning about new cultures. His dream now was to go overseas and study, following his passion of travelling.

Having completed university in South Korea, Sehwan had heard from friends what a beautiful country New Zealand was – with clean blue skies and rolling green fields, even in the city! He decided he wanted to learn about tourism in a fabulous country, where tourism was the biggest industry. His father also encouraged him, so he researched schools and found NZST. Sehwan liked the idea of studying for two years, the hands-on practical studies and assignments.  He started at NZST in March 2018 and is really enjoying the programme. 

Sehwan is also working for a travel company since mid-April, and the owner is also a graduate from NZST.  Studying and working is great, as he can immediately apply his learnings to his work.

With New Zealand’s high level of tourists, there are many opportunities for graduates from NZST.  And Sehwan sees first hand international visitors coming to New Zealand and needing help with English.  New Zealand has a population of 5 million people, and the same come each year as tourists.  So speaking foreign languages is a huge advantage.

Sehwan is hoping to gain a residency visa, and feels positive he is contributing to the tourism industry. He can’t believe he’s living his dream of being in a beautiful overseas country with a lot of friendly good people.  He has found it very easy to settle in, and NZST has warmly welcomed him to the campus.   The campus manager always checks in to make sure everything is OK and helps with any questions he may have.

Finally, Sehwan is very excited to hear about the opportunity to now go to Broadmoor, a luxurious hotel in Colorado, United States for work experience.  He says, “It’s awesome – you see my decision to come to NZST was just right!”.

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