Name: Stephanie Lindgren

Position: Food and Beverage

Student Success

Having left her beloved home land of South Africa Stephanie began her new journey with NZST in February 2016 where she successfully completed her Level 4 qualification. With her hard work, focus and commitment, Stephanie was awarded her Level 5 Diploma in Travel and Tourism by September 2017. Stephanie’s professional and personal growth has truly flourished since being part of our Hamilton campus. We have witnessed Stephanie coming out of her shell and fulfilling her true potential in the Travel and Tourism industry.

Whilst fully focused on her studies, Stephanie also worked part time for Distinction Hotel Hamilton, initially in the Food and Beverage sector prior to moving on to Housekeeping. In addition to this, Stephanie’s eagerness to gain experience also included a number of commendable volunteering roles in Hamilton. From Customer Liaisons Officer at the Hot Air Balloon Nightglow to executive silver service at the Hamilton Museum, Stephanie also made time to volunteer at SkyCity for gala events.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience behind her, Stephanie was swiftly offered an Internship with Chateau Tongariro Hotel (Food and Beverage department) when she attended the Rotorua Job Fair. With this role starting mid September 2017, Stephanie is really looking forward to being part of the team at this exclusive hotel and exploring all the opportunities that may arise from such an experience. Stephanie is looking forward to meeting new people and getting her name out there in the Travel and Tourism Industry. She will also have the thrill of fulfilling her dream of learning how to ski!

Eager to embark on her new adventure, Stephanie has also vowed to keep in touch with her family here in NZST and has expressed her gratitude to those tutors who have assisted her in gaining success. Although we will miss Stephanie’s positivity, eagerness and drive, we wish her well and have no doubt that she will excel within in her chosen field.

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