Studying in New Zealand is an excellent choice. With pristine natural landscapes, unique Maori culture, friendly locals and a relatively mild climate, moving to New Zealand will provide you with some life long memories.

New Zealand is a country that offers a relaxed atmosphere with the best of both worlds - cosmopolitan city life with the countryside never too far away. There are beautiful mountains for hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter, crystal clear lakes to swim, dive or cruise in and unique wildlife to view. If it is adventure you want, this is the country. Bungee jumping, jet boating, quad bike riding and skydiving - you name it we have it!



New Zealand is equivalent in size to Japan or Britain. It is however cosiderably less crowded with a population of only 4.5 million people, making New Zealand one of the world's least crowded countries.



New Zealand is known for its clean air and lack of pollution and beautiful blue skies, which makes it a healthy and enjoyable place to live.


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New Zealand is known world -wide for its beautiful scenery and indeed it was this scenery that attracted Peter Jackson to choose New Zealand to film the trilogy 'Lord of the Rings'. The wide open spaces, beautiful mountains, valleys and lakes makes New Zealand a beautiful place to live. New Zealand is comprised of several islands with the two main islands being the North Island and the South Island. New Zealand is located in the Southern Pacific Ocean, south-east of Australia.

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