Name: Tajinder Singh

Position: Global Tourism Photographer

Student Success

Tajinder Singh successfully completed a Diploma in Tourism and International Flight Attending at New Zealand School of Tourism.

Tajinder came from a traditional Indian schooling system and was very formal at first but he quickly adapted to the NZ style of learning and integrated extremely well into a multi-cultural class, becoming very popular with his peers.

He was very focussed on his learning and put a lot of effort into assessment tasks producing a high quality of work. Enthusiastically he participated in campus activities as he enjoyed having fun and displaying a great sense of humour Tajinder gained part-time work whilst studying and was able to balance his work and study commitments extremely well. After he completed his studies he was able to convert his part time job into a full time employment opportunity with Magic Memories, based at Kelly Tarltons Sea Life Centre, Auckland.

We are extremely fortunate that Tajinder has maintained contact with the campus as from his own success he now actively looks to recruit our students for part-time roles, as he knows how valuable it is putting qualifications into practice.  

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