Name: Taniya Taniya

Position: Hotel Food and Beverage Attendant

Student Success

In February 2017 Taniya successfully completed the 2 Year Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management. Taniya was a stand out student who wanted to learn as much as she could about New Zealand and our culture as well as sharing as much as she could of her own Indian culture.

Taniya was very well-liked in class and was very social and vocal once she started getting to know her classmates well. She not only excelled in her written assessments but also in roleplays and presentations considering English was her second language. While studying in Rototrua on her course she was able to work part time at the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Taniya was a pleasure to have on the campus and it’s fantastic she was able to finish her Diploma by completing her internship at Skyline Skyrides in Rotorua. We are very proud of her and love hearing her stories when she comes to visit the campus.

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