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    Start Date

    05 FEB 2018
    05 MAR 2018
    04 JUN 2018
    05 FEB 2018
    05 MAR 2018
    04 JUN 2018
    18 JUL 2016
    05 SEP 2016**
    05 FEB 2018
    05 MAR 2018
    04 JUN 2018
    05 FEB 2018
    05 MAR 2018
    04 JUN 2018
    17 JUL 2017
    04 SEP 2017**
    05 FEB 2018
    05 FEB 2018
    05 MAR 2018
    04 JAN 2018
    05 FEB 2018
    04 JUN 2018
    16 JUL 2018

    End Dates

    01 NOV 2019
    01 NOV 2019**
    10 APR 2020
    01 NOV 2019
    01 NOV 2019**
    10 APR 2020
    02 MAR 2018
    02 MAR 2018
    01 NOV 2019
    01 NOV 2019**
    10 APR 2020
    01 NOV 2019
    01 NOV 2019**
    10 APR 2020
    12 APR 2019
    12 APR 2019
    01 NOV 2019
    01 NOV 2019
    01 NOV 2019**
    10 APR 2020
    01 NOV 2019
    10 APR 2020
    10 APR 2020




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 Year One - Tourism, Travel & Airline Industry Level 3, plus Tourism, Hotel & Airline Operations Level 4
 Year Two - Diploma in Tourism & Travel Level 5


Imagine adding to your CV that you have been living in Florida and working at Walt Disney World! This option means in your second year you will be interviewed in New Zealand by Walt Disney World. If they offer you a role to work in one of their four theme parks,  two water parks or Disney hotels, then you leave in August or January and complete your Diploma on a paid Disney Internship. Should you change your mind during your study with us, we simply change you to our Travel & Tourism Management Option.


** Important Note: courses with a start date marked with ** are a reduced length and do not include 7 weeks of aviation in year 1. Please contact your local campus for more details.


Year 1 - Tourism, Travel & Airline Industry Level 3

Career Opportunities

Explore all the different options available to you in the diverse and exciting world of Tourism. Learn more about the many options a career within an airline, cruise line, major hotel group, tourist attraction, travel agency or coach tour company could offer you. Our employment modules such as First Impressions, Who am I?, Stepping Stones, CV Writing, and Interview Skills ensure you will be work ready.

Communication & Customer Service

In tourism everyday is different and unique. You will get to meet tourists from all over the world such as America, England and Europe. Learn communication and customer service skills in this fun and interactive module that will ensure you are able to offer a first class experience to all our visitors.

Uniquely New Zealand

Learn how Aoterora and Middle Earth offers visitors a breath taking experience with stunning scenery, such as our glaciers and lakes through to our geothermal landscapes, and beautiful beaches. There is everything from adventure activities such as bungy jumping, through to walking in untouched alpine valleys, encountering whales, dolphins, and unique wildlife, while enjoying food and world-class wines. You will quickly become a New Zealand specialist, able to sell our country to all who come to visit.


Learn how to sell river cruising in Europe, walking the Great Wall of China, or camel trekking in Egypt. Regardless of your role in the travel and tourism industry, understanding the purpose and concepts of selling is absolutely essential. During this module you will discover the characteristics of successful sellers and learn how to sell effectively.

World Geography

To be world ready you will need to know what countries have to offer tourists. This module will see you wanting to pack your bags and get your passport ready to go as you learn about attractions such as Disneyland, Statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Safaris in Africa. Be able to pin point countries on a map within seconds, calculate the time and impress people with your travel knowledge as you prepare for a career that could take you all over the world.


Discover the global language of tourism. All over the world airlines, airports, accommodation, travel agencies and more use the same terminology. Whether you are in New Plymouth, New York or New Delhi, in this module you will learn the universal codes and terminology of one of the world’s largest industries.

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Maori Tourism

Our Maori Culture is what makes us unique to the world. Enjoy learning about Maori Culture, greetings and phrases, myths and legends, attractions and activities that you can share to ensure visitors can enjoy an authentic Māori cultural experience.

Computer Reservations Systems

Book yourself and your friends on flights to London, Paris and New York. Become a pro with Amadeus, an airline, hotel and car rental computer reservations system used by many of the leading travel agencies in New Zealand. Every airline is at your fingertips with availability in real time. Where in the world will you be travelling?


Ever wanted to know more about the golden beaches of Tropical North Queensland, the famous theme parks on the Gold Coast, or about the fabulous shopping in Melbourne? Learn this and more as you gain knowledge about what Australia has to offer visitors. This module will see you wanting to travel to Australia if you haven't been and to go back for another look if you have been before.

Tourism Presentations

Presenting tourism products like an African safari, a Hilton hotel, or even a cycle tour in Barcelona to groups of people, is a much sought after skill of many employers. In this module you will research a tourism product, and learn how to present it to a group of people. Even if you have never presented before, we give you the support, tools, strategies and the practice to be able to stand confidently and promote your tourism product to an audience.

Year 1 - Tourism, Hotel & Airline Operations Level 4

Experience New Zealand

This New Zealand study tour could take you to places such as Rotorua, Queenstown or other tourist destination. You may see spectacular geysers and bubbling mud pools, or get to explore Te Papa, soak in a hot pool, go bungy jumping, jet boating or luging. This three day study tour is included in the cost of the course and will see you experiencing every part of the tourism industry from accommodation, and transportation through to attractions and activities.

Tourism Expo

In teams you will be putting together a tourism expo that will showcase a region of New Zealand. You will have a week to plan and set this up and present to people who will visit the expo.

Airline and Airport Operations and Security

Focusing on successful airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and start up airlines such as Kiwi Air, you will learn about how airlines manage risk. Airlines and airport are all very focused on security> Learn how airlines and airports deal with the threat of terrorism and air rage.

Tourism Operations and Guiding

A study of an iconic tour guiding company from its very beginning, gives you insight into how to grow and run a successful tourism business. You also learn the skills needed to be a tour guide around a New Zealand attraction.

Travel Agency and Exclusive Modules

Travel agency operations focuses on product knowledge and sales and will result in you gaining exclusive certificates for Contiki Tours, Hobbiton Movie Set Tours, STA Travel and Club Med. These certificates will look impressive on your CV.

Hotel and Hospitality Operations

An inside look at how hotels operate and how each of the departments work together including conference and events. the project will see you putting together your own conference or event.

New Zealand Tourism Destinations

New Zealand has so much to offer and this module covers the unique areas of tourism such as outdoor activities, walking and skiing through to cycling tours and Maori tourism.

Assessment Centre Interview

Experience an assessment centre day which some employers use when interviewing candidates. Gain confidence and skills, feedback and coaching. A great module.

Year 2 - Diploma in Tourism & Travel Level 5

Walt Disney World

The inclusion of Walt Disney World in the diploma means students will analyse and evaluate the beginning and growth of a world renowned tourism company, and gain an understanding of the business operations including organisational structure, roles, and suppliers.

The New Zealand Tourism Industry

New Zealand is unique and offers a range of tourism products to different markets. This component looks at the interrelationships between attractions and activities, amenities and accessibility, and analyses both a tourist destination within New Zealand in terms of its strengths and weaknesses.

Conference and Events

This growing industry – conference and events comes to life as you look at how to determine client needs and analyse and evaluate different conference and event venues in terms of their unique offering and against a client brief.

Marketing a Tourism Attraction

What is involved in marketing a tourism attraction? Given the online presence every tourism attraction needs to have, what is the best way to market and promote an attraction?

Study Tour One – Hobbiton Movie Set Tours & Waitomo Adventures

Experience two New Zealand iconic tourism attractions in this North Island Study tour. Meet with management from both organisations and hear their stories about the challenges they have faced in keeping their business at the forefront of the industry. Both of these companies have highly trained guides which you will experience as part of this study tour and both companies offer a completely different tourism experience. On return you will complete a marketing plan for one of the businesses.

(note: an alternative study tour destination may apply)

Accounting and Financial Statements

An important part of business is to be able to understand accounting and the impact this has on a business. This interesting module prepares you to be able to explain the nature of accounting and accounting concepts; explain and classify transactions according to their effect on the expanded accounting equation; and prepare financial statements for an entity as part of the business process of tourism.

Cruise Ship Tourism

The cruise ship industry is not just growing in New Zealand, but also worldwide. Learn about the development of this major industry, the profile of cruise passengers and discuss the perceived value of cruising for the customer and the destinations. This practical application will see you establish customer needs, compare cruise companies, and quote prices.

Human Resources

All successful tourism businesses understand the importance of having great people on the team. You will learn about the key elements that make up Human resources, from recruitment and induction through to appraisals and performance management. This module prepares you prior to your study tour will you will hear from the HR Manager of three major tourism companies.

Customer Service Sales Strategy

This module covers the importance of having a customer service strategy and how to develop one.

Study Tour Two – Queenstown

In Queenstown you will visit three major tourism companies, each offering a different experience for tourists. AJ Hackett will share what it is like to be a leading adventure tourism company and how they recruit, induct and train the hundreds of staff they employ. Real Journeys is an iconic Queenstown company and offers a large product range. Hear from their management team about their recruitment strategy across a large range of roles and locations. Skyline Skyrides will also share their customer service strategy and how they manage to stay focused on delivering an outstanding customer experience. On your return from Queenstown, you will be able to take the knowledge you have learnt to complete a Queenstown destination & human resources project based on the companies you have visited.

Workplace Practice

This is the final module for those not on an internship. It includes the following components:

  • Effective teamwork and managing conflict
  • Optional International Study Tour to a South Pacific Island
  • Industry familiarisation report
  • Presentation of a tourist destination
  • Preparation, participation and reflection on the job fair
  • Evaluate a tourism business and make recommendations for future growth

Please note that Internship and other work experience opportunities are subject to meeting attendance requirements and successful academic completion. In addition, acceptance into any of our courses does not guarantee acceptance into any internship opportunities including Walt Disney World. Interview criteria by each employer applies.


Reduced Cost Option

This option may be available at a reduced cost through Youth Guarantee funding if you are 19yrs or under at start of course and do not hold a qualification at level 3 or higher. Check if you are eligible by ringing a campus close to you. Limited spaces apply and may not be available at all campuses.

Experience New Zealand

This New Zealand study tour will take you to places like Rotorua, Wellington, Nelson or Queenstown. Appreciate the spectacular steaming geysers and mud pools, explore Te Papa, soak in a hot pool, go bungy jumping, jet boating or luging. This three day study tour is included in the cost of the course and to be eligible, you simply need to be on track for graduation and be meeting the attendance requirements.

Connected Plus

We want you to stay connected - Free wifi with no limits, and Free Office 365. You will be able to connect to Microsoft Office at any time, in any place, on any device. Update your CV or access your emails while enjoying a hot chocolate in a café. However you use it, we want you to stay connected.

Mentoring & Coaching

You will have your own personal mentor and coach throughout the course that meets with you every six weeks for a one-on-one meeting to discuss your goals, talk employment and ensure you are work ready.

Inspiring Trainers

Enjoy being inspired by our trainers who have stories from all over the world. Their knowledge and experience will give you the skills you need, and get you excited about all the career options available. Their experience ranges from being overland tour-guides in Africa, flight attendants in Dubai, hotel consultants in Asia, event planners in Hawaii, travel agents in the UK, to cruise ship directors in the Bahamas. All of our trainers are trained to give you the ultimate learning experience.

Two Study Tours - Middle Earth and Queenstown

Two study tours are included in this Diploma and will bring alive everything you have learnt. Visit and hear from the best of the industry, and come back inspired.

Job Fair

Our exclusive job fairs will allow you to be interviewed by industry employers from a range of companies. As a Diploma student you get a golden ticket to the job fair, which gives you first choice of the employers you really want to meet.

Add A Degree In Just 2 Years

Once you have completed your Diploma you can then complete a Bachelor of Applied Management majoring in Tourism Management in just 2 years instead of 3 with Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin.

Distinction Student

Are you wanting to be the best, and have the travel and tourism industry recognise your abilities? The New Zealand School of Tourism offers top performing students the opportunity to gain a Distinction award and be recognised as a Distinction student at our prestigious graduation.

Fun Events

Campus life includes many different exciting themed events. One day you may be traversing the city in an ‘Amazing Race’, or competing in a campus ‘Glee’ competition, or theming the campus for a fundraising event such as SPCA. Your time with us creates long lasting friendships and the opportunity to experience teamwork, and develop leadership skills.

Small Classes

You won't be a number or get lost in a crowd at The New Zealand School of Tourism. Small classes of around 22 means trainers will know your name and want to ensure your success every step of the way. We have had students who have started on a Level 2 course and gone right through to completing a Level 5 diploma, because of the support and encouragement of the training team. Academic success is a focus for us.

Industry Learning

You will enjoy learning what the industry wants you to know. The airline, travel, tourism, and hotel industries are all involved in our programmes which are interactive and up to date. Experience the fun of being part of the worlds most exciting industry.

Internship opportunity

You will be presented with both domestic and international paid internship opportunities in the tourism industry. Internships are for 12 weeks minimum (nearly all are permanent positions) and replace the last 8 weeks of your Diploma. They are a great way to start your career. Please note that internship and other work experience opportunities are subject to meeting attendance requirements and successful academic completion. In addition, acceptance into any of our courses does not guarantee acceptance into any internship opportunities including Walt Disney World. Interview criteria by each employer applies.

International Study Tour - optional

This study tour will see you flying to a South Pacific island to experience international tourism operators, from transport and accommodation to attractions and activities.


  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 with strands in Tourism and Travel
  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 with strands in Aviation (not included in reduced length course marked with an **)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 4
  • New Zealand Diploma in Tourism & Travel Level 5
  • New Zealand School of Tourism Certificate - Tourism, Travel & Airline Industry
  • New Zealand School of Tourism Certificate - Tourism, Hotel & Airline Operations
  • New Zealand School of Tourism Diploma - Tourism & Travel

Specialist Certificates

  • Go Rentals Specialist Certificate
  • Hobbiton Movie Set Tours Specialist Certificate
  • Blue Lagoon Cruises Specialist Certificate
  • STA Travel Specialist Certificate
  • Contiki Specialist Certificate
  • Club Med Specialist Certificate
  • Accor Hotel Group Specialist Certificate


Year 1

At start of course applicants must:

  • be a minimum of 17 years of age.
  • have NCEA Level 2 (60 credits) plus NCEA Level 1 (80 credits) OR equivalent unit standards, course of study or work experience deemed equivalent.

If you do not meet the above criteria please contact the campus directly to discuss.

Year 2

At start of Year 2 applicants must:

  • have fully completed Year 1
  • have achieved a high level of attendance in Year 1

Note: an entry assessment may be required at end of Year 1. This is to determine your ability to read and understand textbooks and ability to write an essay.

International Students

This option is not available to international students. Please select from one of our other exciting 2 year Diploma options.


Once you have graduated from this qualification you have two options:

    • You are ready to seek employment so talk to us about opportunities through internships and our Job Fairs.
    • Or enrol in the Bachelor of Applied Management degree at Otago Polytechnic where your diploma from New Zealand School of Tourism will be credited to the first year of the degree programme. You can complete up to two majors as follows:
      • Tourism Management
      • Event Management
      • Sales and Marketing
      • Human Resource Management
      • Strategic Management
      • Business Transformation & Change
      • Sports Management
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